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Learn to use JASMIN

JASMIN is a globally unique data intensive supercomputer for environmental science. It consists of multi-Petabyte fast storage co-located with data analysis computing facilities, with dedicated light paths to various key facilities and institutes within the UK and European climate and earth system modelling community.

This virtual event is a 1-day, hands-on, beginners training workshop for users of JASMIN. It is aimed at novice to intermediate users who wish to further their JASMIN knowledge.

Attendees will participate in a range of hands-on task-based exercises that will increase familiarity with the JASMIN environment and teach best practice. 

The resources are freely available on GitHub. The virtual workshop consists of self-guided time for working through the exercises at your own pace, alongside real-time support and interaction with the JASMIN experts. The exercises covered in this workshop are:

  • ex01 – Connecting to JASMIN
  • ex02 – Interactive computing using a sci server
  • ex03 – Transferring and sharing data
  • ex04 – Extracting a variable from a file in the CEDA Archive
  • ex05 – Batch computing – running a script on LOTUS
  • ex09 – Using Jupyter Notebooks on JASMIN

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