DCMI 2024, the twenty-second International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, will focus on the theme of Trust, Transformation, and Humanity. Exploring the intersection of metadata with cutting-edge AI technologies, the conference will examine strategies for ensuring trustworthy AI, combating misinformation, and fostering metadata's role in responsible knowledge representation.
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Trust, Transformation, and Humanity

DCMI 2024, invites researchers, practitioners, and experts from diverse domains to explore the dynamic landscape of metadata in the theme of Trust, Transformation, and Humanity. The fast-paced advances in artificial intelligence (AI) create new research fronts for metadata. While AI can bring benefits to research, learning, and society at large, it has also supercharged deepfake contents that are used for nefarious purposes. Ensuring trustworthy AI and applications is the first line in responsible metadata research and practice and in fighting the misinformation, disinformation, and deepfake contents. Metadata is quickly expanding its role in providing transparent, trustworthy, and effective representation of data, information, and knowledge in the transformation from “data about data'' to data-underpinned knowledge. In this expansion of metadata roles, we strive to bring innovative metadata ideas, projects, and practices together to foster and protect humanity.

DCMI 2024 serves as a unique platform for the discussion of "innovative research and practice" - presenting visions for future metadata development and solutions to practical metadata problems. Join researchers, practitioners, and experts from a wide range of sectors in a collaborative exploration of metadata's evolving role through your papers, posters, panel discussions, best practice reports, designathon/hackathon, workshops, and more.  

DCMI 2024 will feature exclusively in-person meetings, with the exception of workshops, which may be conducted either in-person or virtually.

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