The third annual Edinburgh Open Research Conference will take place on Wednesday 29th May, 2024 at the John McIntyre Conference Centre and Online.

How can Open Research contribute to positive Culture Change in Research more broadly?

The forthcoming Edinburgh Open Research Conference (EOR) will take place on Wednesday 29th May 2024. While the conference will be hybrid, it is asked that all contributors attend in person. 

Edinburgh University is committed to making Open Research the new normal and a vital part of achieving that is by contributing to positive culture change within research. But how does Edinburgh University and other institutions go about this?   

So, this year, they are asking the question: 

How can Open Research contribute to positive Culture Change in Research more broadly? 

The focus will be on the role of Open Research in changing research culture for the better. We will come together to ask how principles of FAIRness, reproducibility, recognition, integrity, and participation can steer us towards a healthier, more vibrant research environment. We will also consider the underlying factors that can drive research culture change in all its forms, how we can measure progress, and how Open Research intersects with other aspects of research culture that involve a shift in research value, behaviour, expectations and attitudes such as EDI, health and working patterns. 

The three central themes of the conference will be:  

  • Next Generation Metrics 
  • Research Integrity 
  • Education and Skills 

But they also welcome contributions addressing the other Pillars of Open Science; FAIR Data, Scholarly Communications, Reward & Recognition, Citizen Science, & EOSC.

Submissions for the 2024 conference have now closed.

The conference programme and other information for those wishing to attend in-person or online will be published as it becomes available, and in the Edinburgh Open Research Newsletter.


You can register to attend the conference online or in person via the Eventbrite pages.


For more information visit the conference webpage here.