The 19th International Conference on Open Repositories, June 3-6th 2024, Gothenburg, Sweden
Face to face

Empowering Global Progress

The date and venue for the 19th International Conference on Open Repositories (OR2024) will be June 3-6th at the Clarion Hotel Post, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The conference will be organised by Chalmers Library/Department of communication and learning (CLS) and Chalmers E-Commons/Chalmers Data office.

The theme for OR2024 is: Empowering Global Progress.

OR2024 provides an opportunity to explore and reflect on the ways repositories enable transparent and sustainable information and data. How can we better utilise repositories for empowering global progress? How can we develop the capacity of institutions to implement sustainable open repositories to improve data equity worldwide and support the SDGs? How can the repository community harness AI responsibly to support their goals? 

  • Transparency: Promoting research transparency
  • Community: Elevating underrepresented communities
  • Sustainability : Opening research for climate justice

Chalmers University of Technology welcome you to a conference of learning, networking, co-operation and inspiring communication.

Programme Co-Chairs

Emily Bongiovanni, Carnegie Mellon University

Nora Mulvaney, Toronto Metropolitan University

Urban Andersson, Chalmers University of Technology


For more information visit the conference webpage here.

Photo of a room set up for a mingling event.