Registration is now open for a series of free to attend scientific computing courses for Environmental Scientists.

EPCC at the University of Edinburgh has recently been awarded a NERC Training Grant to run these courses, covering skills and tools that train researchers and scientists in a range of core data skills for efficient, shareable, and reproducible research practices, via two sets of courses: an introductory course (for which no prior knowledge is required), and a slightly more advanced course which will assume knowledge equivalent to attendance at the introductory course (to be advertised at a later date). The courses will be based on the Software Carpentry curricula, with domain-specific examples being written for these courses. The introductory course will cover simple use of the command line, an introduction to using python for data analysis, and good software practices.

The introductory course will be run as three repeated courses, with each course having a capacity of 30 attendees:
 - Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th January 2023 in Oxford
 - Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd February 2023 in Edinburgh
 - Thursday 23rd & Friday 24th March 2023 online, via Zoom

Each day will run from 0930 to 1630. Courses are open to any scientist working within the NERC domain in any academic, public, or third sector organisation, they will be free to attend, and with additional funding being available:
 - travel and 1 night's accommodation, for the in-person courses, with priority given to registered PhD students
 - reasonable caring costs for attendees who have dependents, which means they would normally struggle to attend a course (either in-person or online).

Registration for these courses is now open:
 - Oxford course:
 - Edinburgh course:
 - Online course:

The registration deadlines are:
 - Thursday 15th December for the Oxford course
 - Thursday 26th January for the Edinburgh course
 - Thursday 9th March for the online course

Please do forward to others who may be interested in these courses.

Questions about the courses can be sent to Chris Wood:

We look forward to seeing you in Oxford, Edinburgh, or online!