The range of data held by the Environmental Data Service (EDS) is vast, covering all aspects of environmental science. Some Data Centres also hold physical specimens and sample materials collected during NERC's research activities, as well as material supplied by third parties (sometimes under statute).  

Our data holdings provide a resource for new research, investigating key environmental challenges such as climate change, supporting government policy in areas like conservation of endangered species or managing water quality, supporting infrastructure development and commercial enterprise. 

Search data across the whole EDS

The NERC Data Catalogue Service provides an integrated, searchable catalogue of the data holdings of the EDS. It can be used to find information on what data the EDS holds and how to access these data. 

Browse by domain

Each environmental data centre has a domain specific catalogue. 

Our Data Centres

Centre for Environmental Data Analysis

Discipline: Atmospheric, Earth Observation, and Solar and space physics

Environmental Information Data Centre

Discipline: Terrestrial and freshwater

UK Polar Data Centre

Discipline: Polar and cryosphere