If you are a NERC-funded researcher and wish to develop a data management plan with our support, please contact us to get started. 

Each grant will need to produce a Data Management Plan (DMP) within 3 months of starting to include:    

  • a named data manager for the project 

  • an outline of approach to data use and management  

  • identification of datasets of long-term value that will be generated  

Beyond three months, DMPs will need to be regularly updated to show more detail of scheduled activities, including documentation. Staff from your assigned Environmental Data Centre will identify a schedule of when data will be deposited to the EDS and any activities that researchers will need to undertake e.g. specific documentation of datasets. These activities should be added to your overall plan  

If your NERC grant is completed 

If you have already completed your NERC-funded research and wish to deposit data and obtain a DOI please contact us. We will then get in touch to arrange the next steps.