DataLabs logoUsing the power of the JASMIN cloud and underlying scalable storage, DataLabs provide a tailorable and dynamic environment that can help address a number of environmental science challenges. These range from providing a consistent and coherent computational environment to analyse large datasets, to facilitating ease of access to complex statistical methods for critiquing complex environmental datasets.

Accessed through a web browser, DataLabs break down the barriers often faced in inter-disciplinary science by enabling users to share and develop data and/or methods easily. This reduces the need for spending large amounts of time getting the required code to run, allowing more time to be spent on the scientific challenges at hand. DataLabs harness the power of notebook technologies and simple dashboard interfaces (e.g. R Shiny) to serve users with different levels of coding expertise, allowing everyone to interact with the same workflow at a level they are comfortable with. This ensures a consistent and coherent approach to any analysis, and helps promote transparent and open science at all steps from processing data through to sharing and visualising outputs.  

For further information on the services that the DataLabs platform offers, please visit our website where you can sign up for an account and access documentation and tutorials on how to use the various components available.